Frozen 2: Was it worth the wait?



   Even after six years, the hype is still there and the anticipated wait is over. A seemingly endless supply of merchandise makes it appear that items have never left the shelves since the first movie came out, and this sure is hard to miss. Since the release of the first Frozen movie, the word “overrated” has been thrown around a lot. This can make people feel as if the second one is going to be the same way. Nov. 22 was the day that the long awaited sequel to the original movie came out, giving people a chance to rediscover Frozen again. The sequel displays an intriguing plot that builds off of the predecessor well.

   Going to see Frozen 2, I wasn’t sure what Disney would include to top the first one. I ended up enjoying the movie and would recommend going to watch it. It’s always difficult to create a movie that’s better than the original, although Frozen 2 comes very close. The movie especially did a good job with the musical aspect, capturing action, and paying good attention to details. Even though the song “Let It Go” is hard to be topped in terms of catchiness, Frozen 2 introduces a new soundtrack that seems to have a lot of potential. The film did a nice job of balancing songs with the developing plot. One of my favorite songs is called “Into the Unknown.” From The Hollywood Review, I determined that the movie picked up two Golden Globe nods for the best animated feature and best original song for the piece “Into the Unknown”. 

   The movie takes place away from Arendale, the kingdom that Elsa is queen of, where the main characters set off to discover Elsa’s past with her magical ice powers from a calling she hears. The movie has received a lot of attention so far. According to Variety, “After two weeks in theaters, the film has earned $742 million at the global box office and [it] should become the sixth Disney movie to cross $1 billion in 2019.” Specifically Olaf, the talking snowman really gave the film another layer of humor, as he would tell jokes throughout their journey. The audience has always appreciated Olaf’s warm-hearted and joking personality, and this is definitely displayed often in the movie.

   Frozen 2 got an average rating of a 77% from Rotten Tomatoes. Critics from this site who rated the movie well, claimed that “Frozen II can’t quite recapture the show-stopping feel of its predecessor, but it remains a dazzling adventure into the unknown.” My feelings on the movie compare similarly, as the ending of this film seemed to wrap up everything from the adventure into the unknown that took place throughout, and the perspective taken was unique. The only thing was that the overall atmosphere of the movie felt slightly different to the original. I would go see this movie, as it kept me captivated throughout, it was funny, and it was a nice edition to the first. 

Hannah McKinney, Staff Reporter