“Knives out” leaves viewers guessing



Ana De Armas is the lead role in “Knives out”. Photo from Wikimedia Commons 


Cat and mouse, hide and seek, clue, whodunnit- name any mystery game and “Knives out” will relate to it.

    “Knives Out” is about Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) who is a successful mystery writer who died on his 85th birthday. His housekeeper Fran (Edi Patterson) finds him and everybody is told that it was a sucide, but there are many questions that have yet to be answered. Cops (LaKeith Stanfield and Noah Segan) come to the Thrombey house to do a small investigation, and the film opens with the cops talking with each of the Thrombey family members for answers. 

   Every character has their secrets, each one as incriminating as the next. The whole movie acts as a maze which works perfectly for the narrative, which includes secret doors, hidden windows, and everything possible to have any one of the characters somewhere in the house during the murder. 

   Having never watched a murder mystery, this film was probably one of the best mystery films out there. Everything about it was fun and intriguing, and made everyone believe that no matter what the movie threw out, someone was going to be the one to figure out the mystery before anyone else. “I absolutely love movies like this. I grew up watching movies like this and this by far was my favorite one,” said Darius Clarke, an attendee of the movie.  

   Rian Johnson, the writer of the movie, scatters many hints that would have you focus on what the left hand might be doing so that you completely miss what the right hand is doing. That is what makes this movie so good that you wouldn’t dare close your eyes in fear of missing something important. “ Overall, it was a great movie, and I wasn’t expecting the twist. It kept me on my toes throughout the whole thing,” said Clarke. 

   Throughout the two hours and 10 mins, I had come up with multiple solutions on who had done it, and I was wrong each time. “When I first walked into the movie, I was ready to solve the case before it even started, but honestly I was so far off from the ending it was embarrassing,” says Emma Garini, junior.

   I really enjoyed this movie, and so did 97% of people who watched the movie, according to Rotten Tomatoes. It is definitely a go- to movie, so sit down, grab some popcorn and gather all the clues. Maybe you will think you figured it out by the end, but don’t get too attached to that conclusion.

Mariah Washington, Staff Reporter