Childhood show nostalgia



Popular Nickelodeon shows that helped brighten up the childhood of the 2000s. Graphic by Kara Lyons

  Your childhood flies by so quickly that you are a teenager before you know it. You’re told to enjoy it while it lasts, but by the time you process this idea, you’re all grown up. Now, as a high school student, you have to worry about homework and about what college to go to.

  This is when my nostalgia for all the original Nickelodeon shows kick in and I wish I could just relax and watch them all day without having to worry about growing up. 

  As a child in elementary school, you could come home, grab a snack from the closet, sit on the couch, and turn on Nickelodeon. There was a variety of iconic shows to watch like SpongeBob SquarePants, Drake and Josh, Victorious, Zoey 101, and Big Time Rush.

   These shows meant so much that they would sometimes be a priority above homework. Sydnee Martinez, sophomore, said, “I feel like every child did that at one point or another. Instead of doing homework, you would watch your favorite TV shows.” I was one of these kids; I wanted to know how Megan would mess with Drake and Josh or what other tips Ned Bigby could give me to help me survive school.

  Although it may not feel like it, these shows taught us some good lessons that could transfer over to our lives. I learned helpful tips from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide that helped me through middle school, like presetting my locker combination so that I could make it to class on time. I also learned important lessons from Big Time Rush, like having your friend’s backs no matter what, and not being afraid to stand up for yourself.  

  These were my favorite shows to watch and it hurt to see them go so quickly. They were a part of my childhood and helped me through common situations that happened in the show. It was sad that the next generations wouldn’t be able to have the same experience, until Netflix and Disney+ came to the rescue.

   November 2nd, 2019, Netflix added Victorious. Many people were super excited and started their binge watching right away. Martinez said, “I honestly kind of freaked out when I found out Victorious was on Netflix, and the first thing I did was binge watch it.” Many people had the same idea because it is on the popular and trending section on Netflix.

  Disney+ was another streaming app that allowed us to take a trip down memory lane with every single Disney original movie and TV show for only $6.99 a month. It was very popular, with more than ten million people signing up for it, according to Business Insider.

  Disney has fulfilled our childhood but Nickelodeon has some catching up to do. Lucky for us, Drake Bell and Josh Peck are in the talks of a Drake&Josh reboot, according to USA Today.

  These shows were a big part of our childhood and a part of us that we look back on and remember some of the funny and great moments on those shows. It was a hard goodbye when these shows came to an end, but the memories made will last forever and now will continue, thanks to these streaming apps.

Kara Lyons, Staff Reporter