Overshadowed Fall Sports


   This past fall has had a lot of sports, but some sports get overshadowed by the more well-known sports like football or poms.

  The boys tennis team hasn’t had a winning record or even record in more than 15 years. The HR boys tennis team made a big leap in terms of establishing a well-respected team throughout the league. Last year, the team went 9-3 in non-league and league play. The team continues that improving trend into this season.

  Coach Kollman Gearhart, head boys and girls tennis coach, said, “To finish 6-6 was the result of the culmination of a lot of people buying in and a lot of people getting up to speed quickly. So it was very challenging to lose 8 seniors from last year and have an even record, let alone a winning record.”



The HR Varsity Soccer team painted the bench to mark their territory on the field. Photo by Kofi Kessey

   At HR, big improvements in terms of improving records and being a force in the various leagues has been an ongoing trend this past fall, and boys varsity soccer has been no exception. 

  The boys varsity soccer team went 7-8 this past fall season. This might still look like a losing record, but this is the best record this soccer program has produced in over a decade. They were one win away against Legend HS to make it to their first playoff appearance in over a decade.

   Jed Weissman, varsity midfielder, said, “We were way too defensive and worried way too much about the result of the game instead of being present in that moment and focusing on the task at hand.”

   The team started to gel and develop more chemistry as the season went on and developed a winning streak at the end of the season, with the exception of the loss to Legend HS. There is a lot of potential in the upcoming season with the team getting fully used to each other. In addition, a lot of the starters on varsity were juniors, so next year they will already have a year under their belt to work well together.

   Another part of HR athletics that often gets overshadowed is girls volleyball. The team has had a very consistent couple of years with very respectable records.  And, also there is a lot of potential in the future. 

   Louis Krauss, girls varsity volleyball head coach, said, “We are a young team so we make young team mistakes. But I am really excited for next year because most of the people that started for us were lowerclassmen and four of our starters that we count on are either sophomores and freshmen.”

Kofi Kessey, Staff Reporter