Why the Save The Trees trend is important


   A popular new trend known as “#SaveTheTrees” has become widespread in over the span of a single week by YouTuber Mr. Beast and allows for you to donate to have a tree planted. The goal he has in mind is to have at least 20 million trees planted by Jan. 1, and it is very beneficial to the environment because it supports local areas  and helps keeps Earth’s air clean.

   The notorious YouTuber named Mr. Beast has brought upon this trend by making a video titled “Planting 20,000,000 Trees, My Biggest Project Ever!”. In the video, he explains his goal is to have 20 million trees planted by Jan.1, and he even tells about an organization called Green America that will plant a tree for every dollar you donate. 

   Green America’s “#TeamTrees” started all the way back in May of 2019 when the YouTuber hit 20 million subscribers. According to the Green America website, he was then challenged to plant 20 million trees to commemorate the milestone and partnered with a lot of other influencers and YouTubers to make it happen. 

   Lots of well-known people, such as Elon Musk, Susan Wojcicki, Alan Walker, and more have also decided to join in and donate to the cause. Dominick Rael, sophomore, said, “I think it’s great that Mr. Beast is doing this because it really does bring attention to our environment and that we should keep helping it, so we have less issues in our future.”

   So far, Green America has gotten around 12 million trees planted from donations and is still continuing weeks after the video was made. Andrew Sampson, sophomore, said, “I honestly think this is a great step in helping out since there’s lots of trees being cut down and being burned in wildfires, so this probably does help out a lot by making up for the portion of trees already lost.” 

   This idea of planting 20 million trees will really help our environment through allowing for more growth of wildlife, vegetation, and will reduce pollution in the atmosphere. Heather Berry, science teacher and advisor of the sustainability club, said, “I think this is a fantastic campaign on many different levels. First, he is working with an established organization, The Arbor Day Foundation, to plant the trees. The Arbor Day Foundation is a well-known foundation who specializes in large-scale tree planting, has an established track record of managing funds and has a strong reputation.”

   In order to submit a donation for trees to be planted, you have to go to the Team Trees website and choose how much you want to donate. After that, you fill out a form asking for name, email, and if you want to submit a message with your donation. Lastly, you pay using a credit card and they will plant however many trees depending on how much money you donated. 

   Berry said, “People are much more likely to see the impact of a $5 donation when they are told that they are buying 5 trees. This shows people that small differences make a large impact. The campaign is also educating a broad audience that the environment is something we should all care about.”

Jaysen Anderson, Staff Reporter

Photo of the amount of trees planted as of Nov. 4th. Graphic courtesy of  #TeamTrees