National Honor Society shows how service comes in all types


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There are many different ways you can serve in the blood drive if you do not qualify to give blood. Infographic by Noelle Harff


Highlands Ranch National Honor Society holds a semi- annual blood drive through Bonfils Blood Center. Students, teachers and parents all get involved in the NHS service tradition in order to help Bonfils Blood Center and those in need of blood.

   “There are a multitude of opportunities,” said Ava Taylor, senior and president of NHS. Donating blood is not the only way to get involved. “Referencing parents, siblings, or neighbors to donate blood if an individual isn’t able to give is one way to get involved,” said Taylor. “A student can also give through food and juice donations for those who do decide to give blood.” The list of job options and a volunteer sign up are released two weeks before each drive and spots quickly fill up. NHS sends out blood drive information through the website and during announcements.

   Zoe Seigel, senior and vice president of NHS, said, “It’s a tradition. One of National Honor Societies core values is community service, so we want to do what we can to help others with illnesses requiring blood.” Bonfils Blood Center has helped run the Ranch blood drive for over four years. Bonfils recently changed their name to Vitalant, but still continues their same work. According to Vitalant,  780,000 people have donated blood through their program.

   In order to donate blood, the donor first has to be sure they are eligible. This means a permission slip if the donor is under 18 and they have to comply with all requirements. Some of the requirements are to weigh at least 110 pounds, eat within two hours before your donation, drink plenty of water that day and 24 to 48 hours beforehand, and be in good general health. The full list of requirements can be found on Vitalant’s website.

   Blood donations occur during off periods and sign ups are found through the NHS website. Seigel said with a grin,“We get to continue this tradition because of our very generous community.” 


Noelle Harff, Editor in Chief

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NHS Blood drive is sponsored by Vitalant, formerly known as Bonfil Blood Center. Graphic by Noelle Harff