Poms spring into action


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Varsity poms team during the HR vs Regis game. Photo courtesy of Kristin Anderson

  Going into the season, poms has started off the year with a strong team and some new girls. “The start of the season has been really good. We’ve been doing a lot of prep for football games and starting to learn our competition stuff and trying to build as a team,” said Kristin Anderson, sophomore and poms varsity player. 

  The girls have been practicing non-stop with four practices a week and also on weekends.  “Day to day, we always warm up and stretch, and then we sometimes work on a little bit of technique, just trying to get some of our basics covered. Then we are jumping right into dances, so whatever the focus is for the week whether it’s junior clinic, halftime, or competition we work on that,” said Amanda Humphrey, math teacher and coach of the varsity team. 

  The poms half-time routine is performed during football and basketball games. “The dance to ‘Old Town Road’ was one of our summer camp routines that we learned, and they gave us the music and choreography,” said Humphrey. 

  Of course, with everything, there are challenges. “So far the most challenging thing is the amount of routines we have and just keeping all of them clean and trying to have time to make new routines, have a routine for the football game and clean our competition ones, ” said Anderson.

  As for the future of the HR poms team everything is looking up. “Our first competition is November 9th. It will be at the National Western Stock Show and we will be competing jazz and poms,” said Humphrey.

   Their league competition will be at ThunderRidge this year. “Our league is by far the hardest league in the state of Colorado. The top teams in the state come from our league,” said Humphrey.

Amalia SanMillan, Staff Reporter