Is taking AP classes and exams worth it?

  Is taking AP classes and exams worth it?

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  Depending on what college or major you are considering, AP tests can be advantageous or trivial. Advanced Placement classes are more challenging courses intended to prepare students for college academics, and the exams can result in college credit with the proper score. Factoring in cost, credit, and college admission counselors, students  can find AP classes and their corresponding tests to be quite beneficial.

  College admission counselors won’t always be as impressed with a high GPA inflated with easy courses. AP classes can improve GPA and show a student is challenging themselves because they are weighted. Colleges are going to look at the rigor of such courses. A study conducted by the College Board Advanced Placement Program concluded that students who pass an AP exam do better in their college career and have increased college graduation rates.

  This doesn’t mean take as many advanced placement courses as possible. So what’s recommended? Niche, a company exploring rankings, reviews, and statistics on 250,000 U.S. colleges, suggests a focus on AP classes surrounding a specific major and scoring high on those tests, rather than taking a multitude of courses and getting lower scores.

  Passing the AP test can allow you to receive college credit for electives you intend to take in college if the college allows. If you are looking to graduate early, want to save money, or want to take fewer electives in college, working towards passing the AP exams would be a wise decision. According to Student Loan Hero, “the typical cost of a college credit comes out to $594.46,” so passing the $94 AP exam in high school and receiving credit can help you avert a more expensive college credit payment.

  Incorporating AP classes into a transcript will impress colleges, indicating ambition and that a student is challenging themselves in academics. Gaining college credit from passing the AP exams in high school may also save you money in the long run as you won’t need to pay a larger sum for the same credit in college. If you ever plan on having a college career, AP exams are a great way to gain an advantage.

Michael de Guzman, Staff Reporter