HR to get new AD as Preston Davis retires


   As a chapter at HR comes to an end for Preston Davis, current athletic director, a new chapter opens up for Darren Withey, future athletic director.

   Davis started out in the Cherry Creek School District, staying with them for 25 years. He then worked at Littleton School District for 2 years and has been at HR for the past two years. After 29 years in the education system, Davis is now looking forward to retirement.

    “It has nothing to do with not loving the kids or not loving education or not loving what I do. I’ve done it for 29 years and now I get to be a dad, a husband, and be home,” Davis said.

   Veronica Ruiz, athletic director assistant, said she’s excited for Davis. “I’m happy for him (Davis) that he gets to be retired, spend more time with his sons, and have the choice to not work at a young age,” she said.

   Although Davis has been at HR for a short period of time, he has built strong relationships, whether it be through coaching, being in the classrooms, or just sitting down with a colleague. He said, “I will always cherish the relationships that I’ve been able to build with everyone. The kids, the adults, and the community members.”

    In order for Withey to be able to build the same relationships in a new environment, Davis shares his tips. “Get out of your office, go to the events, but also have those conversations at a good level with all the kids. Be present and listen to them, they have great ideas,” Davis said. “This school is passionate about being a Falcon; listen to that and be supportive of that.”  

   Withey comes from Legend High School, where he previously used to be a Spanish teacher and a dean in their EDGE program. According to Chris Page, principal, Withey has helped open two high schools at DCSD and has served as a department chair in World Language and Social Studies.

    Also, throughout his time in Douglas County, Withey has been the head baseball coach, head golf coach, assistant football coach, and the assistant softball coach.

   Davis reminds Withey to “breathe, listen, and smile a lot.”  

   Davis said, “It’s a good place – Highlands Ranch treated me really well for my short time and I will miss it.”

Abhipsha Shrestha, Staff Reporter

Preston Davis in his office. Photo by Abhipsha Shrestha