Students take on testing week


   During the week of Monday April 8 to Friday April 12th, or testing week, every student from grade levels nine to 11 had the opportunity to take certain standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT, ASVAB, and CMAS.

   Throughout the week, these tests were taken on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday between the times 7:35 to 12:15. Students in grade 11 took their SATs on Tuesday, grade 9 took their PSATs on Wednesday, and students in grade 10 took the PSATs on Friday.

   These tests are taken every year from grades nine to 11 whether it is the PSAT, preparing students for the SAT, the actual SAT, the ASVAB, or CMAS. Brad Odice, English teacher, said, “Those tests are really important in giving students experience taking timed tests to understand that the pressure of time is real. Taking these tests in all grade levels is only practice to improve and get better for when the tests really matter.”

   Addison Rohr, freshman, agrees with Odice in this aspect when she said, “They prepare us for the years to come and help us so that we know how to tweak and raise our scores.”

   Students not testing on specific days were only required to come into school at 12:15 for an access period and then an even class period. On Tuesday students went to period two, Wednesday was period four, and then on Thursday due to a delayed start, odd classes took place. The last day of testing along with period six occurred on Friday, April 12.

   Samantha Romero, freshman, attended the PSAT and said, “Since it doesn’t affect my grade I am not super concerned about it, but it is helpful so we will know how to study in the future.” On testing day, many students showed up to take the tests, and many of them displayed this same attitude.

  “I talk about the importance just to do their best and to know that they have been exposed to most of the material that is on the test,” said Odice, when asked what advice he had for students in regards to standardized testing. “The knowledge is there.  It is just taking steps to be calm and do it to the best of their ability.”
Kylee Martin, Guest reporter

Screenshot of infographic
Some statistics about standardized testing. Information courtesy of WGU, and infographic by Evan Naemura.