Recap of 2019 girls soccer season


  The 2018-2019 season brought many changes for the girls soccer team. One change was a new coach, Matt Brennen, who lead the team to a 6-8-1 overall record in his first season as head coach.

  Sophomore Sidney Cullinan said, “Matt has helped us work and play more as a team instead of for yourself.” HR is currently ranked 60th in the state of Colorado. Having finished 5-9-1 last season, the team hopes to continue to improve on their record.

  Monique Dwyer, sophomore, said, “We have given 100 percent this season and we can see improvement from last season.” The team has fallen out of playoff contention this season, but they are looking into the team’s future. Sophomore Ashlee Clark said, “I feel like we have done a good job improving underclassmen and hopefully we can see them continue to improve.”    

  The season had a ton of highlights and bonding moments. Skylar McNulty, senior, said, “My favorite part of the season was all of the team dinners. I think it brought us closer and helped us work well on the field.”

  Cullinan said, “My favorite part was the game where we beat Chaparral 4-0 because it felt like all of our hard work came together for that game.”

  With the season coming to a close, the HR girls soccer team improved on their record from last season. They look into the future of the team and hope to make a run in the 2019-2020 playoffs.

Nathan Kuhta, Staff Reporter

The HRHS girls soccer team groups up before the game. Photo courtesy of Jim Dwyer.