Girls golf and their fight with the weather


  Since last season, the girls golf team has grown nearly double in size, from seven players to 13 players. Though being a spring sport, Colorado can be known to provide weather obstacles, even in the spring. Some of the players on the golf team provided some insight on what it’s like to have to rely on weather for a sport like golf.

  “Our girls golf team provides us with a lot of opportunities to get one-on-one work with our coaches, as well as the opportunity to form close relationships with one another,” said Leighanna Schroller, senior. “Having the one-on-one time with our coaches allows us to individualize our practices to better our own skills and the success of the team.”

  Having a smaller team can be a benefit for all the players. Ashlyn Gertie, sophomore, said, “I really like having a smaller team because I feel like it makes it a lot easier for the girls to get closer and you get more one-on-one help.” Though having the ability to get more individual help, having good weather conditions is also beneficial to the team.

  As an outdoor sport, weather plays a big role in the ability to golf. If the courses are covered in snow, the golfers have to find other ways to get practice in. “This season in particular, the weather has been more drastic and unforgiving than it has in previous years, but that doesn’t stop us from working hard and still having fun,” said Schroller.

  During snowy days, the golf team shows their dedication by using the resources around them, like the library, to putt golf balls, or chip foam balls on the side of the school building. “Relying on weather is hard because sometimes changing practice last minute is stressful,” said Gertie. “Putting in the library is fun, but I would rather be at the range.”

  Having golf as a spring sport may be difficult at times, but the girls golf team uses other resources to get their practice in. Gertie said, “Practice really does make perfect. If you put a lot of time in, you will get a lot out of it.”

Hannah Dyer, Editor in Chief

Kate Raeder, Meg Rushing, coach Barker, Ashlyn Gertie, and Tessa Brennan after their golf tournament. Photo courtesy of Ashlyn Gertie