HR takes the time for prom


  Prom night is April 5 at Mile High Station. Student Senate has been preparing for the memorable night since as early as the end of the 2018 school year.

  “They discussed pros and cons, eliminated options that were not heavily favored by the class, and then did a final vote between two or three top choices,” said Brad Odice, Senate adviser explaining how junior senate chose the theme. Alice in Wonderland will inspire the night’s decor. Odice said, “We start the initial conversations over summer, reserving the location and gathering general ideas for the event. We really start to kick in to high gear when we return from winter break.”

  The theme is a huge part of the night. The theme dictates what kind of decorations are made, and even has an influence as to how the venue is set up. Throughout the halls, students can see the walls already decorated with clocks, keys, and Alice inspired flowers. “I am really excited about Alice in Wonderland. It is a theme students are able to get creative with,” said Lindsay Engelbert, student senator.

  The prom venue is chosen about a year in advance.  This year’s venue is the Mile High Station which is about 23 miles away from HR via the I-25 highway. Many students plan on getting there by car or party bus. “Prom planning (for groups) starts about a month in advance,” said Ava Taylor, junior. “It can be kind of stressful finalizing who’s going with who and where to eat and what to wear.”

   When describing the emotions connected with the process of prom, Odice simply said, “It’s celebratory,” with a smile. Tickets can be bought at the senate window in the morning and at lunch up until prom for $40, and doors open at 8pm.

prom schedule
Modified prom schedule for April 5 2019. Graphic by Noelle Harff


Noelle Harff, Social Media Editor