Boys basketball hoping to hold spot in playoffs with smallest team in eight years


Tristan Hurdle laying up the ball on a fast break. Photo by Michael de Guzman

  For the past five years, the varsity boys basketball team has decreased in size and now has the smallest roster since the 2010-11 season with a total of nine players. Every year, sports teams can expect the loss and gain of athletes, but the varsity boys basketball is facing a sizeable loss without much growth. However, despite the loss in players, boys basketball has managed to rally and continue to win most of their games throughout the season thus far with a record of 12-7.

  Aside from last year’s graduated seniors, players Tommy Rau, Carson Rardin, and TK Hammond are also absent from the team this year. Hammond, senior, is focusing on his commitment to play lacrosse at DU, and Rardin, junior, transferred to Rock Canyon to pursue basketball there. “Obviously, I don’t want to abandon my Ranch teammates, but we are close enough for them to understand and respect my decision,” Rardin said. As a team, boys basketball has had to move on from the loss of former teammates and work toward a favorable season.

  So far, junior captains Konor Lathrop and Tristan Hurdle have led the team to 12 victories. As of now the team consists of six juniors, one senior, one sophomore, and a freshman. They’ve gained only one new player since last year, freshmen, Luke Dry. “We all work hard and trust each other, so when we go into the game we can trust that we won’t lose momentum,” said Hurdle.

  With only four games left in the season, the pressure is on for the varsity team to hold their spot in the playoffs. Only the top 48 teams in Colorado qualify, and currently Highlands Ranch is ranked 34. Yafet Mesfin, junior, said, “I think we have proven what we can do and what talent remains on our team regardless of our size or lack of veterans.”

Mikey de Guzman, Staff Reporter