New coach, same Falcons


  HR has a new football coach in the building for the 2018-2019 school year. So far John Trahan, football coach, has pleased many of his new players.

  “Coach Trahan is a good coach. He’s a leader and he knows how to speak with the team,” said sophomore and starting varsity player Ethan Ashcroft. Coming from another school to a school with a winning program like HR is always going to be a challenge no matter who the new coach is.

  Trahan, however, has been in this place before, having coached at Smoky Hill, another 5A school. “Moving from program to program is always hard, but we know Trahan is ready to be in a winning program and we are ready to make that happen,” said Ashcroft.

  Principal Christopher Page thinks the new coach is doing a good job with the players. “He puts the kids first and that’s just awesome to see from a coach. He has really helped the kids continue to gel with all that he’s done in the program in his short time here,” Page said.

  Trahan has challenged his players and helped them to improve. “Workouts have been a lot more mental and a lot more challenging, but we know that’s only going to help us improve in the long term,” said Ashcroft.

  Throughout the school, the students are excited to see how the program does long-term, and they can’t wait to see if the varsity team can make the playoffs this season.

   The football team’s presence has been massive at HR this school year, from the chants at the games to the players wearing their jerseys the day of every game. Page said, “Coach Trahan has a great vision for the program and we see success in the short-term as well as the long-term following his lead.”

Nathan Kuhta, Staff Reporter

The HR football team waits exited to get their presence felt on the game. Photo by Jennah Klein