New year, new staff: A personality profile on Matt Foster

New year, new staff:                                        A personality profile on Matt Foster

  It is said that teaching is one profession that creates all other professions. As students enter another year of this transitional period we called high school, it’s important to recognize the adults in the building who push us and mold us every day. And, especially since the year has just begun, it’s even more crucial to recognize those who are new to our building.

  “We have 18 new staff members ranging from new teachers, counselors and support staff,” said counselor Yana Bourdelais. “We’re always very excited to welcome new hires to make HR even better.”

  One of these new additions is Matt Foster.

  Specializing in sociology, economics and US history, Foster has been teaching for five years and is brought here from McNeil High School just outside of Austin, Texas. Foster said, “I’m from Denver originally, and I wanted to come home and root for my Broncos, plus go snowboarding every weekend.”

  Receiving an undergraduate degree from Cornell University and a law degree from Colorado University Boulder, Foster is no stranger to education on the complexities of economics, which he teaches for two periods.

  “Economics can be a difficult thing to understand, but Mr. Foster makes it fun to learn,” said student Jenna Wain, junior. “I think that when we have fun, doing projects in groups, it helps us to absorb information better.” Upon discussion with other students, it seems that he emphasizes this group-work centered curriculum in all of his courses.

  Not only is he busy teaching three classes, but he also manages to do many activities outside of school. Football, snowboarding, video games, golf, to name a few. He said that snowboarding is definitely his favorite, which was certainly a factor in moving 900 miles back to his original hometown.

  Perhaps it’s not the snowboarding, or even the appeal of a home state, but ultimately there is one thing that draws Foster to HR: the students. “This place is amazing. You know why? You guys. The students here make this a good school. You’re all motivated, you’re really intelligent, you take care of one another. I love it here because it’s fun to talk to people, and every single day is different.”

Maddi Klayer, Staff Reporter

Foster pic
Matt Foster with his dog. Photo courtesy of Matt Foster