A look so far into the girls softball season


  With softball season just recently starting, a good start to the season is what every team dreams of. For the HR girls softball team, they are taking win after win. “So far, in the first third of the season, the girls have won more games than they did all of last year,” said Debora Kortbawi, head varsity softball coach.

  The HR varsity softball team took on a new head coach this year, along with a new field to practice and play on. The new field is certainly an exciting thing to get, but it’s more than just excitement and a shiny new field that’s getting the team their wins. Sophie Engelbert, senior and team captain, said, “A big factor that has pushed us to be better is our new coaches. Coach K, coach Bryan, and coach Jess all know what they’re doing and have been coaching for a really long time.”

  With the team having recruited a lot of new freshmen, the coaches had the opportunity to fill up each team and make the girls the best they can be. “I like going out and working with the girls. Then when they win a game and they have smiles on their faces and they feel good and even if they played well, but lost the game, it just makes me happy that I could help them out,” said Kortbawi. Having played softball all of her life, softball is more than just a sport to her.

  “To me, softball is more than a sport, it teaches you so many life lessons because you have to learn to play as a team, learn to play as an individual, learn to get along, learn to overcome adversity because softball in itself is a game of failure,” said Kortbawi.

  Coaching girls in high school, being able to teach them a team sport along with life lessons can be impactful in a different way in each girls’ life. Engelbert said, “It’s nice to finally have a coach that not only cares about our program, but us too.”

Hannah Dyer, Editor in Chief

Sophie Engelbert, senior and team captain, up to bat at a Saturday game. Photo by Hannah Dyer