Edible dough, a must do!


​8501 West Bowles Avenue, Littleton, CO 80123 ​(LEVEL 1, BY DILLARDS)

  I Love Crazy Dough!! is a cookie dough confectionery located in the Southwest Plaza shopping center in Littleton. This quaint shop is open 10am-9pm, Monday through Saturday and 11am-9pm on Sunday. They specialize in making edible cookie dough, excluding the raw eggs.

  Parents everywhere have always scolded the idea of eating cookie batter, whether it’s licking the whisk or taking a bite of the frozen dough. They are afraid of the risk of salmonella from raw eggs.

  “Salmonella infection usually occurs when a person eats food contaminated with the feces of animals or humans carrying the bacteria. Salmonella outbreaks are commonly associated with eggs, meat and poultry,” said Foodborne Illness. The main way to get rid of this bacteria is through cooking the product, which kills the salmonella. This is why it is scary to eat raw eggs in cookie dough.  

  Luckily, I Love Crazy Dough!! found a great way around the dilemma of to eat, or not to eat. I Love Crazy Dough!! is one of only 2 edible cookie dough places in Colorado, making it a game changer in the dessert industry.  

  This establishment offers 5 main flavors, plus a flavor of the month and gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan options, all egg free. The main flavors are sugar cookie, chocolate chip, cookies n’ cream, brownie batter, and peanut butter. After that, there’s a range of miscellaneous toppings to go on top. You can also get your choice of sizes consisting of 5, 7, 9, or 11 pieces, ranging from $3.99 to $6.99.

  One of the many things I loved about this shop was those flavors. I mixed and matched my top picks in order to sample a couple of them. Each one tasted exactly like the cookie dough we all snatch at home. The sugar cookie one had colorful sprinkles mixed in and the cookies n’ cream flavor had Oreo chunks. My personal favorite was chocolate chip because it was a replica of the real deal. They made eating raw egg dough a thing of the past.

  I was also a huge fan of the atmosphere. The staff were all so nice and accommodating; the second I walked in they explained the system for picking your dough combos. There were retro tables and chairs scattered about, along with old fashioned candy and ice cream posters. One of the tables even had a chess set on it to play as you eat.

  I have absolutely no complaints for I Love Crazy Dough!! It was well worth the drive out of HR and made for a great alternative to traditional, at-home cookie dough. I think it was a fantastic idea for a business and would make for a great date night.

Taylor Means, Online Editor

The culture and appearance is extremely welcoming. Photo by Taylor Means