HR’s ACE helping out


This will be the robot featured in January 2014's ACE robotics competition.
This will be the robot featured in January 2014’s ACE robotics competition. photoco:Joseph Chandler, ACE robotics adviser

     With the floods that happened this past fall in Colorado, HR’s Alternative Cooperative Education(ACE) robotics team hosted a chili cook off to help the Lyons robotics team out. “When the flood hit, their school got condemned, and all their equipment was left in the building,” said Joseph Chandler, HR Ace adviser. “The national guard would not let them go back into their building to get their equipment.”

     All ACE programs decided to get together to raise enough money so they could buy a new student (from Lyons) enough parts so he could participate in this year’s tournament. Reason being the Lyons equipment is laying in the building, and has been there since the floods happened, and has been closed.

      The total outcome from the chili cook off was $387 for the Lyons robotics team, and combined there was about $1200 that went to help a student buy his parts so he could participate in the meet this year. “HRs robotics team raised about twice as much money as any other school that helped fund this program for the Lyons team,” said Chandler.

     The robotics team is a program made up of students who are given a task or a problem that is to be fulfilled by a robot, without the help of advisor Chandler. He is there to supervise and help when needed but he can not help build the robot.  There are about 77 students who participate in ACE, after winter break the ACE team grows to about 100.

     The ACE team is having their first competition on January 25, 2014. They will be taking their robot domi arriagto, Mr. Roboto to state. Just by showing up to the tournament and participating, students are eligible for $21 million in scholarships. There are a number of awards, one award being an inspirational award.

     All proceeds earned from competitions that occur every couple of months to once a year, goes to charity. The chili cook off  had about 30-40 who helped out and participated, and there were about five who worked.

By: Ashley Larrison