A week of testing


  Starting the week of March 9, 9th-11th graders will be taking different state mandated tests at HR to either help them get into to college or better show the progress of the school.

  “We have the state mandated SAT test on Tuesday (March 10), then the following day we have PSAT for the 9th graders and we will also be offering the ASVAB for students that are military bound. Finally, on that following Thursday we will have the PSAT for 10th graders and CMAS for juniors,” said Keri Stuebinger, activities director.

  Testing will be taking place in the mornings, and after testing, all students, including seniors, will attend access and then report to either their 2nd, 4th, or 6th period depending on the day. Access will begin at 12:15 and go until 1:05 each day. On the two days that students won’t be testing during the week, there will be regular schedules. On Monday it will be an all day, and Friday will be an odd day.

  “I think the testing schedule is a little all over the place, but I think it will go smoothly. I wish the testing days were half days because of how stressful and exhausting these tests are,” said Katie Bagnall, junior.

  According to Stuebinger, as Colorado moves to the “SAT suite,” students are given the opportunity to take practice SAT’s throughout high school and they are able to track their progress. This gives the school a good idea of what the school is doing well and what they can improve, which is very beneficial. Students are also given the opportunity to take the SAT during school rather than on a weekend day.

  Despite the different schedule at school, buses will be operating as usual, and if either staff or parents have any further questions, they can contact Stuebinger or any other administrator.

Olivia Berg, Social Media Editor

The schedule for the week of the 9-13, 2018. Graphic courtesy of Keri Stuebinger