Another Marvel movie worth watching?


Black Panther Review (no major spoilers)


  It seems every day new superhero movies are popping up on the radar, with mixed results on the final product. It is obvious a lot of work goes into making them, but are they worth watching? One of the most recent superhero flicks, more specifically a Marvel movie, is Black Panther. Is this one worth watching?


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  Let’s break down the plot first. Marvel movies love connecting all their movies, so it is best to watch the previous movies before you watch this one, but the plot is still easy enough to follow without watching the others. This movie is a sequel to Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War. The actual plot is fairly simple: king of wealthy country wants to keep wealth and not go to war, while another guy tries to overthrow and do the opposite.

  Marvel movies have had several approaches to their movies: funny, serious, plot filled, and/or action packed. So far, Black Panther gave a decent spread across all the categories. While watching, I never got bored and was invested up to the end credit scenes, so they obviously did something right.

  The effects in the movie, paired with the good quality acting, makes for a very entertaining movie. The movie had plenty of action, but they didn’t force it down your throat like the generic superhero movie. However, there were some things that held this movie back from its full potential.

  The main thing that would have improved this movie was raising the rating above PG-13. Let’s be honest. Most movies often get held back by their rating, limiting many things that could have pushed the movie further. Look at the success Deadpool had, partly thanks to its R rating. Another point to consider was the actual length of the movie. The movie lasted around two hours, yet it still felt stuffed at times and lacking in content in others. When I left that theater, it felt like I just watched a four hour movie.

  Overall, the movie was worth the price, as it was a pretty good watch. If you plan on watching it in theaters, don’t be a naive idiot like me and try to find your ticket a few hours before the movie or you will end up in a cubby-hole in the back. I would suggest this movie to anyone that likes superhero movies in general, particularly Marvel. I would give this a 4.6/5 stars, due to the quality, the plot, and the general feel of the movie.

Jordan Rust, Print Design Editor