These girls just keep swimming



  The HR Falcons 2017-2018 girls swim season is coming to an end. The Falcons have had considerable success in the pool: they managed an overall record of 5-4, and they had a 3-2 record in league, making them 6th in the 5A Continental League. In this league, they are one of the three 4A teams.

  “This season has been really good. The atmosphere that the team creates, helps everyone come together and really push ourselves to become the best we can be,” said Shanti Kotliarsky, freshman.

  Kotliarsky is a state qualifier for the 200 individual medley and 500 free. “My main goal this season was to make it to state,” said Kotliarsky. “Being a freshman I am super excited that I was able to reach my goal. I do feel lots of pressure and I am definitely a bit nervous, but I got this and I can do this.”

  Many others have the same mindset as Kotliarsky, like Coach Andrew Farner. “At state I would love to see the girls finish in the top 10, and I really do think that they can do it,” said Farner.

  Farner has been coaching with HR for a total of five years. “I truly do enjoy coaching the girls here. They are very motivated and hardworking, so I really do see them reaching the goal of top 10 considering their success this season,” said Farner.

  “The most success we had this season was definitely at the Cheyenne Mountain meet,” said Keeley LaRiviere, sophomore. At Cheyenne Mountain, HR had eight girls qualify for state. “Being one of the swimmers who got to qualify for state at Cheyenne felt so great. I don’t think I could have done it without the others girls pushing me to be my best, or even without both of our coaches Andy and Jackson,” said LaRiviere.

  Kaitlynn Jackson, who is a math teacher here at HR, is the assistant coach to Farner. “I really do agree with Andy that the girls will be able to place top 10. I really enjoy having the opportunity of being able to share all my knowledge to these wonderful girls to help them reach the goal of placing top 10,” said Jackson.

  State takes place on Feb. 9 (prelims) and on Feb. 10 (finals) at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center.

Libby Borgerding, Staff Reporter

Carmen Nollsch, state qualifier, swimming freestyle. Photo courtesy of Krista Hatch