600 wins


  The clock hit zero at Arapahoe on Dec. 12, 2017. The girls basketball team picks up white pieces of paper that say ”600” on them. They run around their coach, Caryn Jarocki, and all she can do is smile. Jarocki has just become Colorado’s most winning coach of all time.

   “It’s super cool. It was a cool moment to be a part of. I love my Jarocki and she has truly earned this moment,” said Tommi Olson, senior point guard. Jarocki has coached for over thirty years and has 500 of her 600 at Highlands Ranch High School.

  “When I started, I just loved coaching; I never thought it would end up like this,” said Jarocki. For her 600th win she beat Arapahoe and the celebration started. The next day there was an assembly to honor her and everything she has done.

  At the assembly Courtney Humbarger, senior forward, said, “You have always been there for us Jarocki. Even though you push us and yell at us, you treat us like your own children. I can’t wait to see how far we can go this year.” The girls have more goals than just 600 wins for Jarocki. They are hoping for a state championship and even a perfect season.

“We want a state title. We have been close every year, but now we need to. The best gift we could give Jarocki is a state championship; we all want it bad,” said Olson.

  The season is just beginning as the girls are 2-0 in Colorado and want to continue this winning streak. 

Dom Dakovich, Staff Reporter


HR basketball team poses with their 600 signs with their coach after the Arapahoe game. Photo courtesy of Preston Davis