The Justice League fights for theaters


The Justice League is a team of fictional superheroes that make an appearance in the DC Comics and was written by Gardner Fox in the 1960’s. Now finally, on Nov. 17, 2017, the movie is making an appearance in theaters.

Discussing how Bruce Wayne’s restored hope for humanity coming from a single act committed by Superman, he allied together with Diana Prince to face a great force of evil. So united, Batman and Wonder Woman work at a quick pace to group a team of heroes to fight against the enemy. And even with the odd team of champions– Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and the Flash- it might be a little late to save the world from a catastrophic event.

With the interesting premise, it seems that the movie should have become quite popular with the community. Unfortunately, only $94 million was made in the opening weekend– under by $2 million that Warner Bros. studio expected to make, as stated by

And it seems even the little things in the movie were a bit hard to enjoy. There were some odd mistakes such as water shooting from the tower, and then the next scene, the tower is fully intact. Even those small mistakes can bug people and bring money down a lot. It can also affect how people view the movie. Personally, it made it seem like there wasn’t effort put into that scene. Shouldn’t the tower still be damaged?

I hoped the movie was going to be light-hearted, and the movie was rated PG-13, as most Warner Bros. movies are. And overall, it seems the movie was still a success. Sandy Schaefer from Screen Rant said, “Justice League successfully ushers in a new era for DC Films and delivers lots of superhero fun – at the expense of a richer and more layered movie.”

And so congratulations overall to Justice League for making your way from paper, to the big screen.

Danielle Black, Staff Reporter

Reviews on the new movie Justice League. Graphic by Danielle Black