Opening new doors for students


  Starting this year, Highlands Ranch High School established a new tutoring program. This new program involves the National Honors Society students who volunteer in the mornings and help out high school students with a variety of subjects. The new opportunity takes place during access on Tuesday and Thursday.

  Since this new service has just started recently, tutors would like to have more students that come in and receive help with what they need. Nicholas Taylor, sponsor of the NHS tutors, discusses how the program has had a slow start. “We are working towards what we need which is the next step of getting the tutees,” said Taylor.

  The program is planning to continue for next year. Parents have come to Taylor and asked about what their kids can do to improve their grades. “Starting this year we have a new access tutoring program,” said Taylor. With more kids being aware of this program, they can come in and receive help in areas that they are struggling with in school.

  Getting the perspective from one of the tutors themselves, David Chou, junior, shares how the program has not had a lot of people. He plans to continue coming and hopes that more students will reach out to him to receive extra help with their work.

  One aspect of the program that Chou wants to add in the future is required attendance to go to the tutoring program if students have low grades. “Kids with lower grades should be required to come,” said Chou. By being required to come to get help with tutoring, students can work to bring up their grades and understand what they need to work on.

  A student who found out about the program came in to get help with her math. Emma Van Auker, sophomore, benefited from the time that she came to tutoring. She mentions how she would definitely come back. Receiving a first impression from the tutors, she felt very welcome. “The people are very nice and I got a lot of help with my math homework,” said Van Auker.

  Many of the tutors offer a variety of subjects that they can help out with, making it easier for students to find specific information that they need. With more people showing interest in this tutoring opportunity, an increased number of students will be able to benefit from this service.

Hannah McKinney, Guest Reporter

Grant Bauer, junior, tutors Brenner Dugan, junior, and helps him out with his chemistry homework during access for the NHS tutoring program. Photo by Hannah McKinney