Boys junior varsity soccer team finalize best stats in years


  This season, Aug. 14 thru Sept. 17, saw 6 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie for the HR boys junior varsity soccer team, having more wins than both the seasons of 2015/2016 and 2014/2015.

  Leading the team as captain is junior, Luke Fruchey. When asked how the team performed this year, Fruchey said, “I think we did pretty good. We had some mad goals.”

  Despite success, Fruchey still thinks the team can improve for next year’s season. Fruchey said, “We could have been more conditioned. Some of the guys would get tired and want to quit.”

  This sentiment is shared by freshmen Previn Renecke. In addition to more conditioning, Renecke said, “I feel that the team can work on finishing opportunities and clearing corner kicks. We made silly mistakes during the season that could’ve been corrected.”

  Russell Dornisch, the junior varsity coach for the HR soccer program, thought the team played well, yet realizes that much of the talent on junior varsity would be leaving the team to be on varsity the following season.  Dornisch said, “I think for the most part the junior varsity team played great this year. Some of the team’s most developed players will be moving up next year however.”

  Despite the loss of valuable players, Dornisch said, “Junior varsity is a development team and players will continue to develop in the coming season giving us new talent.”

  In the wake of the most successful junior varsity season in years (by ratio of wins to losses), the team will continue to be coached by Dornisch and Renecke will most likely stay on the team roster. Fruchey said, “I’m hoping to finally make varsity next year.” Whatever happens, “the junior varsity team will continue to develop and improve,” said Dornisch.

Caden Robertson, Guest Reporter

Studio Sloss HRHS JV team 8x10
2017 junior varsity boys soccer team pose for a photo. Photo courtesy of Doug Sloss