United in blue


Sabastian Kreiger- Martin scoring during the HR vs. CMS Unified game. Photo by Hannah Dyer 

  There is a complete shift in mood once you enter the gym. Everyone is smiling from ear to ear because they get another opportunity to cheer on their fellow classmates. As the athletes enter the gym, the band begins playing, and cheers roll over the crowd. Everyone had been looking forward to the HR vs. CMS game for weeks, seeing how it was such a big success the year before. Unified is a program that provides students with special needs the opportunity to participate in sports, and experience everything that comes with being a part of a team.

  Many faculty and students have been greatly impacted by Unified. “The Unified game not only overwhelms the student body and our staff with such pleasure and excitement, but it most importantly reaches out to our players. The support Ranch gives to the players is truly amazing, and shows them how we are their biggest fans,” said Grace Ventreck, junior.

  “When I’m out on the field with the team, I really feel like I’m making a good connection with those kids, so it’s a very heartwarming feeling being a part of Unified,” said Palmer Hoegh, assistant Unified coach.

  “Being out on the court with the athletes is such an amazing experience, and it’s something I won’t be able to experience very often in my life because I get to help these kids play the sport that they love and connect with them while doing it. It’s just fun to build friendships and experience their accomplishments with them,” said Ursula Morrison, junior.

Olivia Berg, Social Media Editor