“Happy Death Day” slays theaters

Happy Death Day slays theaters


Happy Death Day visual
“Happy Death Day” quick reviews. Graphic by Caitlyn Tsukamoto

“Happy Death Day” was released on Friday Oct. 13 2017. The movie follows a rude and slightly snotty college sorority girl, Theresa or “Tree”, on the day of her birthday. She goes through her day fairly normally until that night when someone in a baby mask murders her. She then wakes up the same way as she did the morning of her birthday and relives the day over and over again until she can find and stop her killer.

  The film had a wonderful story line. The plot was at first predictable: she gets killed first, then realizes she’s reliving the same day, proceeds to freak out, figures out she needs to find and stop her killer, montage of her attempts, then she finds the killer and stops them.

  However, there was an interesting plot twist. After she finally kills her killer, she ends her night by eating a cupcake. The screen fades to black and the audience is left disappointed by the predictable ending. Then suddenly, Tree is back to waking up in the same place and reliving the same day again. She didn’t find the real killer. The plot twist adds a little flare and excitement to the storyline.

  The main character in the film shows a lot of development, and with her development, the audience is left with an important life lesson. At first, each day Tree is rude and sarcastic and brushes off many people in her daily life. She never waves at the girl in front of her sorority house, she brushes off her roommate’s birthday wishes, and many other examples of bitterness. Eventually, she finally comes to the day when she thinks she’s going to find her killer and she apologizes to every person she is mean to in the day. She sees her father–who she’s been avoiding. She apologizes to her roommate for being selfish. She finally smiles and waves to the girl outside her sorority house. The character development adds more to the story than regular horror films which are meant only to scare you.

  Any good film gives you a wide range of emotion throughout the story. “Happy Death Day” certainly did that. While we got the typical horror film jump scares and eeriness, there were bits and pieces of humor thrown into the mix. The scene in which Tree finally confronts her father and apologizes to him and talks about missing her mom (who’s birthday is the same day but she died three years prior) and Tree admits that her birthday has been a really tough day for her since, really hit me hard. It was an emotional scene that brought me to tears.

  While “Happy Death Day” may not have been a typical horror movie, it was an incredible film that had an interesting plot line, great character development, and allowed the audience to feel a wide range of emotions. This was definitely an 8/10 movie that was worth the money.

Caitlyn Tsukamoto, Editor in Chief