Tj Sihpol hits the stage


  Tj Sihpol is a sophomore that makes his own dubstep music. He recently had his first show on May 13 at Lincoln Station Bar. He got this show with the help of his friend Decadon, who is a very famous dubstep artist. The show led him to have the opportunity of working with other artists and work collaboratively.

  He started out making YouTube videos when he was 13 and made his way up to making music at the age of 15. Within the past two years, he finalized his name as “BrizkT”, and with the help of his friend Kaden, finalized his design as well. He released songs onto SoundCloud and was getting positive feedback on it. He has one style of music with many different types of styles in it. “This kind of music was becoming a part of me,” said Sihpol.

  Decadon had messaged Sihpol through Facebook saying he booked him his first show. The show was run by Q-vents Summer Celebration and was called Heated Beats. “He has a great, determined attitude that will help him a lot on his journey as an upcoming artist. He wants success so he will get it,” said Decadon.

  Sihpol was able to play 1 ½ sets at the show, which was more than planned. He got to play at 7:30 and 9. Sihpol said, “It was just the best night ever. I’m currently living my dream at the age of 17 and I’m loving every minute of it.” 

Ashley Miller, Staff Reporter

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Tj Sihpol practicing for his show. PhotoCo: Tj Sihpol