HR going back to the 90’s



Junior senate showing their school spirit by dressing up in a 90’s fashion. PhotoCo: R.Davis

  HRHS is stepping out of the box for this 2013 homecoming dance. What school would even think of doing a decade where the students were born in? Only the Falcons can have the creativity for that. Student Senate has set up an exciting spirit week that the students should go all out for.

  The dance is on Saturday, September 14th from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. “The music is going to be less grindy” said, junior senate member Arissa Gordon. Senate came to the conclusion to clean it up and have stronger rules for dancing. If you dress or dance inapproprIately you will be kicked out of the dance, according to junior senate.

  Spirit week will be from September 9th to the 13th and has many 90’s related theme days. The week will include themes like dress up as a 90’s movie character, a 90’s style theme, cartoons and tv shows characters, falcon freakout, and finally dress up relating to 90’s music.

  Senate wants students to go all out for this dance and not to hold anything back. The Homecoming pep rally will be on Thursday the 12th, the same day as the homecoming game. “This homecoming experience will be bigger, better and more spirited than any year before,” said junior senate member Maggie Gates.

Michael Guglielmi, Staff Reporter