What should your summer plans be?



  How should you spend your summer? The seniors are gone, finals are upon us, and AP tests are done and gone. The weather is finally going back into the 70s and 80s (or at least we wish) and snow is finally turning to rain. With the absence of school consuming our mornings with class and our evenings with homework, we have an abundance of free time. So what should you do with your summer?


If you’re a FRESHMAN…

  1. Get to work on that learner’s permit! If you haven’t already gotten to work on the path to a license, now is the time to start. Getting it done now will allow you to earn your license for next summer. According to the Colorado DMV, you will need 50 hours of driving over the next year to get your license, or just over 8 minutes a day. What better time to do it when you have little else to do? Just remember to bring a parent!
  2. Go to local parks/festivals. Since it can be difficult to make plans with friends at distant places, like downtown and surrounding towns, with the lack of a driver’s license and money, local festivals and events are great ways to go and have fun without having to spend all your money or go the distance. Not to mention, your friends and classmates will most likely be found there with family.

Highlands Ranch Events (Highlands Ranch Community Association)

  • Summer Concert Series (Thursdays June 8th-July 27th)
  • July 4th Parade and Celebration
  • Street Market (Sundays May 7th-October 29th)

If you’re a SOPHOMORE…

  1. Get a license right away! If you were able to finish that learners permit, get your license ASAP this summer. Provided you have a car and gas money, you can travel further and quicker and be more independent with where you go and what you do. Don’t expect a friend to give you a ride, though. The Atlantic reported that only 24.5% of 16-year-olds had a license (oh, and it’s technically illegal to drive friends until you’ve had your license for a year. Hope you like walking still!)
  2. Get to work! If you have money, you’ll be able to do so much more. Not to mention you’ll be able to afford more once school is back in session. Websites like snagajob.com allow you to find jobs within miles of your home. 4.7 million teens are already employed according to CNN Money, and teen jobs can even benefit the economy.
  3. Go to the city! With thousands of people and hundreds of different locations, the possibilities are endless. Not to mention it’s a fun place to explore with friends.

If you’re a JUNIOR…

  1. Road Trip! With a year on your license, it’ll be fun to go out of town with friends. Whether it’s just overnight or for a whole week, leaving the hometown you’ve grown accustomed to can be an eye-opener.
  2. Concerts! Concerts, whether at the Fillmore Theater, Gothic, or the famous Red Rocks, bands and performers are always visiting the state. It shouldn’t be too hard to find one that suits your taste. Just make sure to buy the tickets right away, before they soar to hundreds of dollars per seat. Popular concerts this summer include:
    • Hip-Hop/Rap: D.R.A.M (5/26), XXXTenatcion (6/17), Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and D.R.A.M (7/29), A Tribe Called Quest (8/10)
    • EDM: Odesza (5/27, 5/28), Marshmello (6/11), Gramatik (6/17),  Zed’s Dead (7/2), Bassnectar (7/7, 7/8, 7/9) 
    • Classic, Modern and Alt Rock: Tom Petty (5/29, 5/30) Modest Mouse (6/6),  Dead & Company (6/9, 6/10), Alice Cooper (6/12), Portugal the Man (6/17, 6/18), Warped Tour (6/25)

                       (Source: coloradoconcerts.net)

  3. College visits! Seeing as you will be in your last year of high school in the fall, you may as well make sure you’re ready for what’s next. Research and travel to all of your top picks and look into your preferred field of study while you’re at it. Don’t know what you want to study? Look into various majors as well! Colleges like CU Boulder offer daily 2+ hour tours and information sessions, and the Summer Sampler, which will offer a 7-hour long visit where student can attend information sessions on various programs. On the other hand, Colorado State’s “Discover CSU” program has an all day visit for both parents and students in high school who would like to learn more about the school.


John Boughey, Staff Reporter

The senior tile project celebrates the end of the senior’s year and summer for all. PhotoCo: John Boughey