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  Working as an English teacher for AP Language and Composition, as well as Honors English and regular freshman English, Brian Domokos has his hands full. But with these many tasks already on his plate, Domokos still has the time to sponsor one of HR’s very own student book clubs.

  The original owners, Nick Baran and Kellie Brautigam, were the initial sponsors for the book club. But  the two left, handing over the club to Domokos, who agreed to the ordeal of sponsoring the club which now meets at the local Starbucks next to HR.

The book club is currently reading “Leaves of Grass.” PhotoCo: Megan de Guzman

  The club mainly consists of juniors at the moment, they’re currently reading a book called, “Leaves of Grass,” Domokos said. “It is an interesting book that is not a typical novel.”

  The book is a series of different artifacts and news clippings. One page could be full of information, the next could be just a couple of words.The were/currently meeting for the book. Though this time of year, the club has had to postpone their meetings because of Domokos’ grading. After all, the students that have AP classes, testing is occurring this time of year. Therefore, there is a possibility that they won’t be meeting for the rest of the semester.


Book Clubs in Person—

4 or less people: 5%

5 to 7 people: 22%

8 to10 people: 35%

11 to 19 people: 31%

20+ people: 7%

Source: https://www.bookbrowse.com


Danielle Black, Staff Reporter