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  The PG-13 movie, “Going in Style” was released on April 7th, according to IMDB. Fandango said that the movie is the modern remake of the 1979 film about the fictional story of three senior citizens who decide they’re going to rob a bank after being conned out of their retirement money.

  The movie stars Morgan Freeman, Sir Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin, who all Academy Award winners. This hilarious movie shows the humorous side of being a criminal who is not exactly a spring chicken.

  The hysterical idea of robbing a bank when you’re old enough to retire comes to one of the three main characters, Joe (Michael Caine), after he witnesses his own bank being robbed by three masked men.

  After watching others pull off a robbery, Joe convinces his other two senior friends, Willie (Morgan Freeman) and Albert (Alan Arkin) to try and rob the same bank in order to get the money for their retirement fund, which was denied to them by their employers.

  With pressure put on them to do it right, and do it soon, the movie has no shortage of jokes about being a senior and also points out some of the serious financial and physical difficulties that come with being elderly.

  The most unbeatable scene in the movie is when the characters attempted to practice robbing a place by shoplifting at a grocery store. They stuffed random food items into their clothes and managed to at least walk out of the store, but were caught in the parking lot.

  With old age comes a lack of stamina, so trying to escape the supermarket police officers made for a huge struggle. Eventually, this hysterical getaway attempt leads to one of the characters riding in the basket of the grocery store’s scooter, while the other drives him down the street.

  Out of five stars, I give this movie a 4.5. It was humorous while revealing some of the struggles that arise with age, but it rarely got serious enough to spoil the mood. For a teen viewer, the movie certainly might not be relatable, but it’s difficult for anyone to not be able to appreciate the humor the movie provides.

  Despite the fact that the majority of viewers gave the movie a low rating, mostly due to their high expectations for the successful actors, I think that although it was not the most fantastic movie ever made, it was funny and upbeat. Sometimes the movie was slow and the laughs were cheap, but all in all, “Going in Style” was an entertaining and genuine feel good movie.

Kathryn Lopez, Staff Reporter

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Poster for “Going in Style”. PhotoCo: imdb.com
Graphic showing the different ratings for “Going in Style”. GraphicCo: Kathryn Lopez