April Fools’ day prank stories


April Fools’ is a day where pranking people close to you is welcomed with laughing arms. It’s the only day where, “It’s just a prank bro”, won’t land you a throw down or a slap in the face.

Pranking is enjoyable and afterwards, both parties can hopefully have a good laugh and share their prank stories, like these people have done, for years to come. Only word of advice is don’t take it too far and give into the inner fool inside you, let it have its moment in the spotlight.

Angie Yearous, librarian volunteer coordinator, said, “My neighbors’ son put food coloring in his sister’s shower and posted it on Instagram. The same kid also put a bunch of sticky notes all over his mom’s car and she had to drive to work like that! Could barely see out the windshield.”


Angie Yearous smiling/laughing at the April Fools’ Day story she shared. PhotoCo: Kashia Baca

“Once my younger sister offered me a jelly bean, and when I ate it, it was dirty sock flavor and was so gross!,” said Esy Rivera, junior.



Esy Rivera in the library surrounded by complimentary and enjoyable emojis. PhotoCo: Emma Atchison

Laddie Breer, senior, said, “My mom once moved her co-workers desk to the other side of the room as a prank, and she was angry about it because she liked her stuff where it was.”


Laddie Breer looking sassy and on top of it with the chosen emojis. PhotoCo: Kashia Baca

“I used to always do dumb little pranks for April Fools. Once I was at school and told my mom that I had crashed the car and she told me ‘Shut up. No, you didn’t’. Knew I was lying right away,” said Ireland Miller, junior.


Ireland Miller in government class but still making time to share some prank stories. PhotoCo: Kashia Baca

Keshia Baca, staff reporter