Stepping up to the plate



  HR’s baseball season starts off with many new players. HR offers varsity, JV, freshman and sophomore teams. According to, only 28%(470,671) of people who play baseball in their freshman year will continue playing in their senior year. This year, the freshman are able to see what it’s like to play at their school.

  “I like the kids on my team; they’re energetic and fun,” said Nick Harris, freshman. Harris hopes to see a change in his batting score and said, “I was relieved. I like knowing that I’m good enough to make a team and that I wasn’t cut.” Harris has been playing since he was five and is proud that his hard work has paid off.

  “I like how well we all get along, but I think that next year we should put in more effort,” said JJ Hager, freshman. “Next year I’m hoping to win more games.” Hager hopes to win more games next year and to improve his skill.

  This year’s team is full of kids just like Harris and Hager. “ It felt good making the team,” said Joe Milone, freshman. “I wasn’t hoping to make varsity or JV, but I’m glad I at least got onto the team.” Milone thinks that the players cooperate and work well with each other.  Milone has been playing baseball for as long as he can remember and his family has been supportive through it all.

  Making the freshman team could be a good thing for players trying to get better. “If Joe made varsity, he wouldn’t have as many opportunities to play. I want him to be able to earn his spot on varsity to prove that he should be able to play,” said Danielle Milone, Joe’s mom. Mrs.Milone believes that varsity is something that takes hard work and a lot of practice.

  The next freshman baseball game is at HR against Legend at 4:30pm.

Hayden Koele, Staff Reporter

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Freshman baseball game schedule. GraphicCo: Hayden Koele