Kicking off the girls soccer season-hoping to soar to success


  The girls soccer team at HR kicked off their spring season with high expectations. With set goals in mind, the girls started their season hoping to score a spot in this year’s playoffs.

  The girls will face many tough opponents,and they hope to beat them with new strategies taught to them by head coach Spencer Ward.

  “Spencer has informed the team about including a new formation,” said Avery Vander Ven, varsity player. “We are also looking to win our pre-league games as that will help the team reach the playoffs.”

  “I look for the team this year to finish in the top half of the league and make playoffs,” said Bruce Wright, athletic director when asked for what he thinks would be a reasonable goal for the team. “There are many ways the team can grow. There are so many possibilities for them.”

  The girls are practicing hard to beat the top teams of Douglas County and reach the playoffs. “I definitely think Rock Canyon and Mountain Vista are the biggest threat [to HR’s success],” said Kaylynn Landrum, junior varsity player.

  The team shows lots of school spirit coming into the season, and the players believe it might be the key to their success. “I joined the high school team because representing your school in a sport is something not everyone gets to do and involves a lot of pride,” said Vander Ven. “Everyone has bonded so well so far because of the pride we all show.”  

  The players have a lot of talent as well. “I think the season will be very successful because of the talent the players have,” said Landrum. “The coaches and the team are such great people. You can always count on everyone.”

  “This year’s team could easily beat teams from the last few years,” said Wright. “The girls have so much talent, and if they work and bond together, they will reach a completely different level than before.”

  Vander Ven believes that the older players and the coaches are welcoming. “ The players have all welcomed me and shown contagious, enthusiastic attitudes toward the game. Each coach is supportive of every player and looking to help us succeed,” she said.

  The team has confidence that being a bonded and coherent team along with personal fitness and endurance is going to be the key to them taking over the field.

  “The team and the great amount of talent they possess will surprise many people,”  said Wright.  “Let’s take it one game at a time, and as the girls win, build on that success.”

Ushmi Akruwala, Guest Reporter

HR Varsity soccer team huddles before a game. PhotoCo: Matt and Sheri Vander Ven