On and off the field


HRHS football team

HRHS football team. PhotoCo: hrfalconsfootball.shutterfly.com

“Touchdown!” the fans yell. On Friday, August 30th, Highlands Ranch High School’s football team had their first game. Unfortunately, in spite of all the training they went through, they lost.

  Brian Trautman, a varsity football coach, said that the football players go through challenging training in order to prepare for games. They train throughout the football season and even have off season weight training. Then, they hold a training camp for four days during the spring. The most recent training camp was held at Denver University. Trautman also said that being able to train the players is a “fulfillment of helping kids out.”

  Trautman told how if a player became ineligible to play during the football season, it’s hard for the player and “tough for football and the school.” A player can no longer play a sport if they have been suspended or expelled, caught with drugs, or have a low grade point average.

  Hunter Hazen, a sophomore on the junior varsity  football team, said that the players have to be fit and fast and have a sense of knowing what to do. Hazen also said that he believes this year will be better for HR. “We have better players this year and everyone is much more connected and more enthusiastic” said Hazen.

Jade Zimmerman, Staff Reporter