Young activists getting involved


  As teenagers are becoming young adults, it starts to become very important that they are paying attention to current events. For some teens, politics are really important. It can be hard for teenagers to care about politics and what is happening in the world because they are unable to voice their opinion by voting. Fortunately, there are other ways to get involved.

  In these times politics are very relevant, protests are also very relevant. One kind of protest is the most common and well known, physically gathering together and marching. This country was overwhelmed by the turnout in each city the day after the inauguration in the Women’s March.

  Some may say that protesting really is a waste of time and energy, but from my personal experience, participating in a protest is one of the most empowering things you can do. I took part in the Women’s March myself, and have never felt more proud to be a part of something so big. According to, an estimated 3.3 million people participated in over 500 cities across America.

People marching in the Women’s March in Denver on January 21st. PhotoCo: Lexi Crea

  Other forms of protest include signing petitions and calling your representatives. Sometimes this can feel like you aren’t doing as much for change, because you don’t feel the group aspect you experience while physically marching. However, this actually can help more because you are directly contacting a representative or adding another signature to a petition.

  Protesting to create awareness is also very prevalent. According to, “Nearly two-thirds of black students said promoting racial understanding was very important or essential to them, as did more than half of Latino students, and about 45 percent of both Asian and Native American students.” Protesting for education and awareness can be vital in helping students feel safe at school and on college campuses.

  Getting involved is really important. If there is something that you care about, research what you can do to make a difference whether it be protesting, calling your representatives, or signing a petition. Anything you can do to make your voice heard will do the job.  

Lexi Crea, Social Media Editor