Food at school: Where to go when you’re tired of hot lunch


  When most students begin to come of age and get driver’s licenses, cars, and jobs with mostly disposable income, they begin to wander away from the similar daily lunches of cafeteria food and start to eat out constantly. Maybe you only eat out rarely, or possibly you’ve decided to forgo the option of host school lunch for so long you don’t even remember we have a lunchroom. Either way, the question every midday is the same: where to now?


Price Scale:

$- About $5-$6 a person

$$- About $7-$10 a person

$$$- Almost always more than $10


Jersey Mike’s


Yelp Rating: 4 stars

Distance: 0.9 Miles

Price Range: $$

TLDR: Too pricey to always purchase.

Jersey Mike’s is a sandwich shop just west of the school. While the shop’s meals can cost $9-$12 a lunch and can be very messy, the food is still heavily enjoyed, but not frequently visited. Good for every once in awhile without breaking the bank.


Panda Express


Yelp Rating: 3.5 stars

Distance: 0.9 Miles

Price Range: $$$

TLDR: Fills your stomach but not your bank account.

Panda Express is by no means bad, but the amount of money it can sometimes cost is ridiculous. Sure, you’re probably going to get enough food for 2 people (or one student) but the price range soars when you do. While it’s definitely filling, it still can be too much for one person and make a mess while you’re at it.


Cuba Cuba

Cuban food, Sandwiches, Coffee

Yelp Rating: 4.5 stars

Distance: 0.9 Miles

Price Range: $$

TLDR: Authentic, but almost too popular

Cuba Cuba, which is relatively new in the area, is a great eatery whether it be evening, morning, or midday. Sadly, the restaurant has sometimes a large amount of mouths to feed and is only open 9 hours a day, meaning you could sometimes be stuck behind a larger than normal line on lunch.


Noodles and Company

Pasta, Asian, etc.

Yelp Rating: 2 stars

Distance: 0.9 Miles

Price range: $$-$$$
TLDR: Longer than lunch allows

While Noodles and Company is a generally good place to go for a meal, the low rating and amount of time needed to eat at the restaurant can be a letdown at times when it comes to your short lunch period. If you have extra time, however, it’s hard to have to think twice about going there.




Yelp Rating: 2 stars

Distance: 0.8 Miles

Price Range: $$

TLDR: Your best bet for getting filled up

While the location does not have the best rating in the area, the quick corner shop will give you a decently priced meal that gives you the energy to get through the day. Unlike some other places in the area, you’ll leave feeling full for hours.

John Boughey, Staff Reporter

The l0cations of the best lunch spots and their distance from the school. PhotoCo: John Boughey