HR students take on D.C.


Students witness the swearing in of a new president. PhotoCo: Justin Best

  On January 20th, 2017, Donald Trump was sworn into office at the U.S. Capitol in Washington D.C. A monumental day for the United States. For many, this date was the end of all the crazy political business that the country has been dealing with for the past two years.

  Last fall, students involved in social studies classes such as AP Government and AP U.S. History began to sign up to go to the inauguration. The trip was sponsored by Emily Muellenberg, social studies teacher, and Emily Franks, social studies teacher. Muellenberg has taken this trip for every inauguration since Barack Obama was first sworn in as president in 2009. “It has been interesting to see three different inaugurations and a huge comparison, but any time there is a major party change it takes on a slightly different feel,” said Muellenberg.

  Some students were quite excited to see the shift in power. “I’m excited to see how Trump turns out and I hope he ends up doing good things for our country,” said Justin Best, junior, “I got to witness history and to me that’s one of the coolest things.”

  Opinions and political parties aside, the educational value was something that couldn’t be reproduced in the classroom. “The inauguration trip was pretty incredible,” said Emily Conway, junior, “Even though I don’t politically agree with everything President Trump says, it doesn’t matter. We did so many cool things.”

  Within 24 hours, the students were able to witness the swearing in of a new president and one of the largest marches on Washington, the women’s march. Overall, the trip was a unique experience for each of the 44 students that went along.

Lexi Crea, Social Media Editor