A man’s best friend

A man’s best friend

  The fine story of how a dog is man’s best friend. This is what most people think of when looking at the trailer for the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” directed by Lasse Hallström. A story of a fine and loyal dog who discovers the meaning of living in this world. For him, it was his master and best friend, Ethan. Yet, one question remains, “Why are dogs a man’s best friend?”

  During one of the shots, a German shepard was supposed to play the role in the water to swim downstream. The dog was thrashing about, and at one point even gripped onto the jacket of the man “helping” with the filming. The dog, she was struggling to find a way to avoid the warm, yet scary, water that she was supposed to play a big role in.

  Honestly, how does this make it so that we can consider a dog, man’s best friend, if we, the owners, are throwing our friends into dangerous situations? Truthfully, I have no idea. But from the viewing of a contact reporter, Amy Kaufman who stated on her article that the opening weekend money count has plummeted. “Opening weekend estimates had plummeted by roughly 20% to about $20 million.”

  This makes sense though. If abuse were occurring in a movie you were looking forward to, wouldn’t you change your mind if someone or something in the movie was being abused or neglected? I sure would, I wouldn’t want to see a movie or a clip that showed a dog being treated unfairly; we’re supposed to be their friends.

  Lunch lady, Paula Boyle, seemed to feel that the video was disturbing and unfair. Especially to the dog. She said, “They should have treated them better than they did.”

  But like I said, people were, and still are, interested in this movie, but maybe have different outlooks. Student Alondra Martinez said how excited she was for this movie. “The dog. The same soul, comes back to life and lives a new one.”

  Sure, this video has affected dog lovers, and maybe even people who don’t care about dogs, or animals in general. But the movie seems to have changed, through prices, through viewers, and through opinions. Overall, we can say that the movie is still special, but may not be as enjoyed or loved because of this one incident.

Danielle Black, Staff Reporter

Drawing of a man and his dog. GraphicCo: Danielle Black