At the movies: M. Night Shyamalan’s comeback film “Split”



  “Split”, M. Night Shyamalan’s most recent film, centers around a man, Kevin Crumb, who suffers from DID : dissociative identity disorder. Kevin houses 23 personalities in his body, ranging from an educated older British woman to a flamboyant fashion designer and even a nine-year-old boy. However, his body is most often inhabited by Dennis, a man with extreme OCD and impulses.

  In the opening scene of this movie, three girls, Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy), Marcia (Jessica Sula) and Claire (Haley Lu Richardson) are abducted by who we later will learn to be Dennis, one of Kevin’s multiple personalities . When the girls are taken back to an unknown location with what seems like no way to get out, no obvious motive to be found, viewers and the teenagers in the movie begin to question what this man wants to do with them.

  Throughout the film Kevin’s body is taken over by many different personalities, each persona has a different attitude, voice, look and mind and are all brilliantly played by James McAvoy.

  “Split” is different from many other suspense and horror movies out right now. Common Sense Media says, “Split is refreshingly infused with thoughtful ideas and sly suggestion, rather than gore or brutality.”  This movie isn’t just a basic serial killer plot, and although it does include violence, overall the film is more of a psychological thriller rather than a murderous bloodbath.

   James McAvoy, also known as Patricia, Kevin, Dennis, Hedwick, Jade, etc, is not only the main character in the film but also the tie that brought the whole script to life. No one could have portrayed the different personalities better. “It’s extremely rare to see an actor tap into so many ranges of acting in one film. McAvoy played multiple roles in this film and each was very engaging, unique and compelling,” said, to which I couldn’t agree more.  McAvoy’s performance in “Split” was one I could call outstanding.

  The overall movie is really well made.  From the acting to the editing, this movie definitely allowed me to leave the theater feeling satisfied.  The twists and turns of the story (that I will not reveal because who wants to spoil a movie?) as well as the pure psychological fear and questioning that come from this movie are enough to make anyone fall in love with it.  Throughout “Split”, viewers will be captivated by the emotion, or lack-of emotion, brought by Dennis, and the childish ways of Hedwick as well as all the other aspects of Kevin’s personalities.  Around every corner is a new surprise.  

  With its amazing acting, plot and cinematography, “Split” is surely one of the best horror/thriller movies in a while and a huge comeback for M. Night Shyamalan’s directing, whose previous works were not praised as this one is. For anyone who loves a good story of a mystery and the viciousness of a classic horror movie, “Split” is the movie you should be seeing soon.

Lia Anderson, Staff Reporter


Split Reviews GraphicCo: Lia Anderson