Students save lives at Bonfils Blood Drive


  On January 26th, the National Honors Society annual Bonfils Blood Drive took place in the HR wrestling room. Students eligible to donate blood helped save lives and encouraged other students to do the same.

  Bonfils Blood Drive originated in 1943; Dr. Osgoode Philpott and Helen G. Bonfils recognized a need for a local blood bank. They founded Belle Bonfils Memorial Bank. Today, it has over 400 employees and serves patients at 100 health care facilities.

  According to Mark Wilson, the team lead at the blood drive, Bonfils Blood Center organizes 2,600 blood drives a year. He said, “There’s a lot of different people impacted by transfusion medicine. The only way people can get blood is though donations.”

  Moreover, National Honors Society hosts the blood drive in order to extend their reach into the Colorado community. Emily Franks, NHS sponsor, said, “A lot of kids are focused on themselves and immediate surroundings. Your impact can be so large. [The blood drive] is a good lesson for kids to be selfless and sacrifice for someone else.”

  Many students who participated in this year’s  Bonfils Blood Drive had a positive experience. Becca Stone, junior, donated blood for the second time. She said, “If I can do something as simple as giving six minutes to donate blood and save a life, then I’ll do it.”

  When Stone donated blood last year, she fainted. She said, “I probably wasn’t hydrated enough. If you are going to commit time, make sure you know yourself and you are ready.” Bonfil employees encourage students to drink plenty of water days before donating.

  Nevertheless, Stone said, “Students should donate blood if they are comfortable. It is for a good cause and saves lives. Three lives are saved for every donation.”

  Another student, Brody Garlinghouse, junior, donated blood for the first time. He said, “I thought it would be a good first experience to donate blood at the school; I always wanted to do it.”

  According to American Red Cross, every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. The blood that several students donated at the Bonfils Blood Drive will go directly to people in need. Garlinghouse said, “There’s only a positive outcome from donating blood; many people need it. Everybody should donate blood if they are eligible!”

Ashley Burns, Staff Reporter

Mark Wilson, Team Lead, assists Megan Koch, junior. PhotoCo: Ashley Burns