Christmas at HR: inappropriate or just merry?


  Our nation believes in the separation of church and state which basically means that the government is not allowed to establish an official religion or tell you what religion to follow.  Which is why Christmas at HR seems totally wrong, but it’s not actually as wrong as some might think.

  I believe that Christmas at HR is completely fine as long as religion is removed from it because HR is a public school. I believe that we should have Christmas decorations (none of them religious) and should spread unity and joy, which is what Christmas is all about. And many people agree with me on this.

  Doing what is mentioned above is actually not breaking any law. Christmas decorations are completely fine in school. According to Bangor Daily News, in 1984 the supreme court ruled that it is constitutional to have Christmas decorations such as a tree, Santa Claus, and even a creche (nativity scene) at a public school. So, HR can decorate for Christmas, according to the national law.

  Well just because the supreme court says that it is okay, doesn’t mean that HR should just go ahead and do it, which is why I asked faculty and students at HR about what they thought.

  “I think if we’re going to celebrate Halloween, and if we’re going to do door decorating for homecoming, and if people are going to put up hearts for Valentine’s Day and shamrocks for Saint Patrick’s Day, then I think that as long as it’s not an obviously religious decoration, Christmas is fine. I think stuff like Christmas lights or snowflakes or even stockings and anything that has nothing to do with the religious aspect per se is completely okay,” said Jenny Daily, a science teacher at HR.

  Olivia Berg, sophomore, had similar thoughts on the topic, “I believe that Christmas is a wonderful time of year that can be used to spread joy and happiness. You don’t have to include the religious parts of Christmas, but why not celebrate it, when we celebrate Halloween and Valentine’s Day?” said Berg.

  Even though it sounds like many people would be okay with having Christmas at HR and we are legally allowed to, I can understand how having Christmas decorations could be offensive to non-Christians at HR. I do overall think that if the decorations aren’t religious and we use the overall moral of Christmas (giving, spreading love, togetherness, etc.) there is no issue with Christmas at HR.

Sam Mate, Staff Reporter

Drawing of what the main hall would look like if it was decorated for Christmas. Illustration by: Hannah Dyer