Dive into a good book

Dive into a good book

  Interested in discussing books with others? The opportunity to join book club is available the first Wednesday of every month during the school year. Book club takes place in the library after school and typically lasts an hour long, depending on how long Gina Bernacchi, the teacher librarian, Esmeralda Camacho-Rivera, junior, and various other members of book club want the discussion to last.

  Already, book club has read “Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock” by Matthew Quick since it started this year, near the beginning of September. They are now currently reading “The Scar Boys” by Len Vlahos to prepare for their third meeting. There is more information about this book on the website for the Falcon Learning Commons.

  Their upcoming meeting on November 2nd was changed to December 7th because they got in contact with the author of “The Scar Boys” and made arrangements to meet with him and speak about his book. “We’re going to the Tattered Cover on December 7th to have a behind the scenes tour of the bookstore, which is really cool. Then we’re going to meet with Len Vlahos, who is the new co-owner, with his wife, of the Tattered Cover Bookstores,” said Bernacchi.

  Books are a way for people to come together and connect over a common interest. “I think book club just allows people who love to read and love to lose themselves in books to just come together and have fun,” said Camacho-Rivera.

  Bernacchi is excited about the books they’re reading and how book club is off to a great start as well. “I’m really excited about the books that we’re reading and I hope that a couple more people will want to join,” said Bernacchi.

  Snacks are provided, so if students want to meet new friends, discuss a book, and enjoy some treats, then they can come down to the library and get involved in book club’s upcoming discussions. Anyone is welcome to join at any time,just come with the book read and ready to be discussed.

Sara Kinnersley, Guest Reporter 

Gina Bernacchi holds the current book club book, “The Scar Boys.” PhotoCo: Sara Kinnersley