Be scary, not sexy


The gravestones have been resurrected on your neighbors’ lawns. Plastic corpses haunt porches and windows. Candy prices have skyrocketed. And most importantly, everyone is scrambling to pick out the perfect Halloween costume.

One popular topic that often resurfaces around this season is the age-old “sexy vs. scary costume” debate. Although everyone should be allowed to choose their own Halloween costume, there are a few reasons why it could be in your favor to dawn a bone-chillingly, terrifying outfit this year.

These days, anything can be turned into a fill-in-the-blank sexy costume. Sexy Elvis, sexy Red Riding Hood, sexy Ken Bone, and the list goes on. Although these costumes can be quite a good source of laughs, they’re not quite overflowing with originality and creativity. So in the end, you pay eighty dollars for a cheap red cocktail dress and some plastic horns.

Unfortunately, the biggest Halloween companies are the main contributors to the prevalence of sexy costumes and the objectification of women.

“If love is a battlefield, you’re winning the war in the Battlefield Babe Costume! Complete your Halloween mission in this camo print romper, which shows off the best assets in your arsenal. The utility belt and sexy garter ensure you’re ready for your marching orders, or to sweep the costume contest!” listed Spirit Halloween’s online costume catalogue. The entry even went as far as to suggest buying padded underwear to “complete the look”.

Although some people may find it enjoyable to wear a bikini out in 40 degree weather, that choice is both quite foolish and dangerous. A sexy-Halloween-costume-wearer may suffer from the following side effects: unwanted catcalling, acute goosebumps, painful high heels, unexpected wardrobe malfunctions, and other possible risks. There is, however, a very easy alternative to this torture, wearing a scary costume instead.

In many cases, this expectation to get sexy costumes is often a result of peer pressure and the influence of how the media represents women. “Girls are learning at the youngest ages that their value comes from how they look, and the definition of attractive is very narrowly defined,” said Peggy Orenstein, author of “Cinderella Ate My Daughter: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the New Girly-Girl Culture, in the CNN article “Avoiding sexy costumes for kids” published on October 23, 2015.

And truly, Halloween is supposed to be spooky. It’s more fun that way anyways. Wearing a scary costume can make you feel more proud of yourself, and it can even result in more compliments than usual. The best part, however, is striking terror in the hearts of passer-bys with your ghoulish getup.

People who participate in the festivities this holiday has to offer should reflect this sentiment. So go out there and scare the life out of your neighbor with your clown costume. Elicit the petrified wails of children as they pass by you and your Hellraiser Pinhead recreation. But most of all, have fun and make your own, responsible choices on Halloween night.

Kaylee Kirkwood, Print Editor

5 Scary Costume Ideas, GraphicCo: Kaylee Kirkwood