Swim coach’s journey inspires students


  All people deal with struggles at some point in their life, but one story about a teacher at HR exemplifies how people can overcome a challenge. “If I had a do-over in life, I don’t think I would change anything,” said Kaitlynn Jackson, math teacher and girls swim coach. “There have definitely been hard points in life, but everything I’ve gone through has made me who I am today.”

  It was a very difficult time for Jackson when she first started swimming in college. “In my freshmen year, our biggest meet of the season was called a ‘conference swim meet,’” said Jackson. “I had trained all year and worked really hard to get on the team roster to compete.”

  Despite all of Jackson’s training, her swimming skills proved not enough to compete in this important tournament. “There were these cuts for it, and I was the very last cut,” said Jackson. “I was disappointed that I didn’t make that team, because I had done everything I possibly could that first year and failed.”

  Jackson managed to push through these challenges because of influences like her dad. “I have always been really close to my dad for being so strong physically and emotionally,” said Jackson, smiling. “He was just always the rock of the family.” These influences must have paid off, for Jackson worked even harder and finally made the conference team her sophomore year.

  Jackson’s strong will has rubbed off on some of her students as well. As a swim coach with many motivating stories, Jackson has inspired kids to push through hard times. “She has a great personality and is always encouraging us to do our best even when we have trouble,” said Emily Mitchell, freshman. “I look up to her and I’m lucky to have such a great teacher to move us forward.”

Maddi Klayer, Guest Reporter


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Mrs. Jackson posing in her math classroom. PhotoCo: Maddi Klayer