Is the movie Brooklyn worth the hype?

Is the movie Brooklyn worth the hype?




 Brooklyn: the movie that honestly caused me to cry, from beginning to end, and wish for a sequel.


  Brooklyn tells the story of Irish immigrant Eilis Lacey (Saoirse Ronan), who has made the life altering decision of moving from her small town in Ireland, all the way to the big, bustling city of Brooklyn, New York. Eilis must face the harsh reality of being in a city where no one knows her. From beginning to end, Eilis must face the harsh realities of life: from losing her sister, to deciding whether or not to stay in Brooklyn and leave her dreams.

  When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I instantly thought this movie would be one of a kind, and boy, did this movie deliver. I was surprised at the decisions she made all the way to the ending that left tears in my eyes.

  Of course, no movie is complete without romance, so when we are introduced to Eilis it is clear that she did not just move to America to be living the single life for too long. So, when she is introduced to the charming and very Italian Tony (Emory Cohen), she falls head over heels with him. Except, when everything seems to be going smoothly in their relationship, something back home in Ireland happens, leaving Eilis having to go back to Ireland suddenly, leaving Toni and her’s relationship to be put to the test.

   While back in Ireland, Eilis is forced to hide her relationship with Toni, in fears of judgement from her very Irish mother, just so no one presumes that Eilis’s intentions were not work based. During this time in Ireland, she is introduced to very elite and wealthy Jim Ferrell (Domhnall Gleeson), so in the end Eilis has to decide who she will be with, and must decide whether or not to stay in Ireland.

  Brooklyn is a movie that everyone should watch. The movie’s filmography is exceptional; the colors and the sharp angles create the different settings to match the emotions in the different scenes. To match the exceptional filmography is the star-studded cast. Usually in a movie I will find at least one character that I cannot stand, but in this movie every character was just amazing. The characters seemed to be well rehearsed, and you could tell each of the cast members were extremely passionate about their characters, making the movie even more powerful. Overall, if you have the opportunity to watch this movie, watch it; it is honestly one of the best movies I have ever watched.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Sophie Barker, Guest Reporter