Falcons get knocked out of the playoffs against Eaglecrest

Falcons get knocked out of the playoffs against Eaglecrest

  After the clutch win against Monarch in the first round with a score of  59 – 53, in an interview with one of the highlight players for HR, Tyson Gilbert, sophomore discussed what their team will be doing to try to take the win against Eaglecrest. Gilbert said, “ Eaglecrest is such an athletic team with a lot of good players, so the only way we can take the win is if we go 110% and outplay them on the court.”

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Tyson Gilbert keeps guard against Monarch’s Ernesto Chavez. PhotoCo: Derek Regensburger

  Tyson Gilbert has the 11th most PPG (Points Per Game) with an average of 12.7 PPG and is 10th best in the division for most points at a whopping 293 points, according to MaxPreps. Unfortunately, even after long, hard practices, HR lost to Eaglecrest in the second round 50 – 66.  Eaglecrest had the lead every quarter in the game and ended it by taking Highlands Ranch out of the playoff picture.

  After the Eaglecrest game, in a sit-down interview with Mckale Williams #23, who was one of the key players in sustaining a watchable game against Eaglecrest, had some input on why they walked away with a loss that day. Mckale said,  “ Honestly, I think they were just a better team that day. We gave them a dog fight but they shot very well from the field and we weren’t hitting the shots that we usually hit.”

  Mckale’s teammates said he was definitely the reason it wasn’t a blowout, but his criticism on himself said otherwise, “My performance definitely wasn’t my best. I felt like I could’ve produced more for the team and it still bothers me that the game ended like that. However, my teammates played their butt off just like coach told them to.”

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Highlands Ranch’s Nick Rohacek and Mckale Williams celebrate after the win against Monarch. PhotoCo: Derek Regensburger


Rj Kinkaid, Staff Reporter