Kung Fu Panda 3 kicks butt in theatres


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  Po, the fun, lovable, karate chopping panda is back in the new movie Kung Fu Panda 3. The hour and a half film was released on January 29th.

  The movie follows Po on his journey to find himself. When he meets his long lost father, he journeys to a secret village of pandas along with his noodle loving adopted father to change from a student into a teacher. His goal is to defeat his new enemy, Kai, who is power hungry and stronger than any enemy Po has faced.

  When Po meets his biological father, some jealousy issues and father competition arise. We see the struggle each father goes through to win over Po’s love. However, in the end we see how Po loves them both because they are both family. This sends some important messages about biological and nonbiological family to the children watching.

  While facing the challenge of becoming teacher instead of student, Po realizes just how important being yourself is. Instead of teaching the pandas how to be just like the dragon warrior, he teaches them to be just like themselves. He uses their passions and values to his advantage to train them in Kung Fu. This sent the important message to children about being who they are and not someone else.

  The movie was funny and brought back some lovable characters like Master Oogway, and brought more character development to characters like Monkey and Crane than in previous movies. There were a ton of little silly jokes throughout the movie that had me laughing the whole time. While most animation series get worse with the increasing number of sequels, this was one of the better ones.

  While it did have some laugh out loud moments, the movie was missing a few key things. Since most of the movie was focused on Po’s journey and the rising action, there was a significantly less amount of Kung Fu and fighting in this particular film, which was somewhat disappointing.

  The movie did send some great and important messages to the kids watching, but it felt really jumbled and overwhelming. There were too many overall messages, so it was hard to know what the whole point of Po’s initial journey was. There were so many different factors that kept leaving and coming back in multiple scenes throughout the movie, and it just got so confusing to me.

  My overall rating of the movie would be a 7/10. The movie had lots of good moments that made me laugh and helped me get to know the lovable characters from previous movies. However, it got too overwhelming with important messages and there just wasn’t enough action.

Caitlyn Tsukamoto, Editor In Chief